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Banke UNESCO Club (BUC) is a non-profit and non-government organization. It was established in 1990 AD and registered in 1993 AD under the District Administration Office Banke also affiliated with Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu. Although UNESCO club allows its name to be used by clubs throughout the world, the title implies no official link between UN and it does not get financial support from the UN. The establishment of this club has been inspired by the ideals of non-violence, social justice, self-reliance, sustainable development and volunteerism. The organization is dedicated to the ideals of holistic and integrated development based on a harmonious balance of socio-culture, material and organization trusted on team work and peace building through community development.

Banke UNESCO Club started its development carrier with the quality education, increasing the access of poor and marginalized community peoples by establishing the community schools and madarsa in community. Also BUC specially focused its work on peace building through education, livelihood, governance, protection and health in community,